Macau Betting Explained – Casino Rankings

Macau is every gambler’s paradise, and visiting the place to be a part of its legal gambling and betting culture can be a fulfilling experience. This province is the world’s casino capital, with over 41 casinos spread across its geographical area. However, many gamblers get intimidated after looking at the vast gambling opportunities available in Macau. To help these players, we have created a guide that gives a complete picture of Macau’s betting and gambling in detail.

History of Gambling in Macau

Macau has a long tradition of gambling that can be dated back to the sixteenth century. Chinese workers and commoners made the traditional games like Fantan and Pai Gow extremely popular, which slowly got sewed into the very fabric of Macau. Soon other games started grabbing people’s attention which gave rise to the betting industry. During the mid-1800s, most countries banned gambling because of its adverse social effects. But the Portuguese government issued a notice announcing the legality of gambling in Macau. This move helped Macau’s economy to grow better. Post-war, China decided to outlaw gambling which attracted more tourism in Macau. Foreign travelers used to visit Macau to satisfy their betting and gambling inclinations. In the end, China gained complete control over Macau and offered gaming concessions to companies. Over the next decade, the popularity, profits, economy boomed, and now Macau has approximately 41 brick-and-mortar casinos spread across the division. Today tourism is the main backbone of Macau’s economy, but most of the revenue is collected because of gambling. Gambling has now become the linchpin of their economy, which helps the government to a greater extent.

Is it Legal to Online Gamble in Macau?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Macau. After Macau was handed back to China, the government decided that Macau would operate autonomously. After studying the gambling activities, officials later discovered that Macau had become one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The place is now called the Vegas of China. Since Macau has deep roots in land-based betting and casinos, the online gambling structure is not developed to its fullest extent. However, gamblers can online gamble legally through two significant sites- The Macau Jockey Club and Macau Slot. The Macau Jockey Club primarily deals with horse racing, while Macau Slot offers numerous sports betting markets. Since no proper regulatory system exists, many Macau citizens usually bet on their preferred sports using international bookmakers.

Sports Betting Sites – International and Asian 

Most Asian bookmakers are popular among gamblers from Macau as they offer Chinese-speaking service agent support. Operators like 138Bet, 188Bet, and Dafabet give Macau citizens uninterrupted access to thousands of markets. International bookmakers like Ladbrokes, Pinnacle Sports, and BetVictor welcome players from Macau. Players can access these sites without any restrictions or legal issues from government officials. These betting sites are relatively popular amongst Macau players and gamblers alike. These Asian and international sites are an excellent way to invest in betting, especially if you are a citizen of Macau.

Currency Deposits at Online Betting Sites

Players can deposit using the Macau Pataca (MOP) or the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). Even the Chinese Yuan (RMB or CNY) is usually circulated and used in certain areas. Most betting websites accept your preferred currencies without causing any issues. Various international online casinos and Asian-focused betting sites always accept RMB or HKD across the board. Players permanently residing in Macau may have to go through a currency exchange process through their local vendors, as MOP is not typical in the internet gaming scenario. For players visiting Macau, it is easy to arrange the currencies. The MacauSlot offers online banking, cash deposit, telephone banking, or betting vouchers to fund their respective accounts. For registering through Macau Jockey Club, you are required to fill in your bank details for a safe and quick transaction. 

Apart from e-wallets, gamblers have a wide selection of payment options for playing and betting legally in and out of Macau. All European and Asian bookmakers are relatively flexible with their payment options, and players are usually encouraged to pay through Bitcoin or Alipay. Unfortunately,  Macau is on the list of e-wallet non-serviced countries, gamblers and citizens of Macau cannot use PayPal or Skrill. We highly recommend checking each website or casino’s currency deposit rules and regulations to avoid conflicts.

Gambling laws of Macau

The gambling laws in Macau aren’t simple, especially if you are an operator. Operators have to go through extensive, thorough steps and legalities to get their operation started. All operators also have to pay a considerable tax to the government as a part of legal gambling. These operators are subject to a rigid system of regulations. The casino industry in Macau is highly regulated because the city drives more than half of its GDP from gambling alone. Players, however, do not have to worry about the rules, laws, and regulations. They can walk into any casino as long as they are of the legal age of 21. The casino floor is wide open for all games and bets when it comes to international players. Players should avoid stealing and cheating from the casino as the legal penalties can be pretty high and even result in arrest. The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau regulates and oversees the entire operation of land-based gaming in Macau. As mentioned earlier, players should note that most casinos accept Hong Kong dollars and Macanese Patacas. You can find various vendors who are willing to exchange your currencies for a flat interest.

Macau’s Junkets

You might have this burning question about how the casino industry generates so much revenue, given that China strictly allows moving out of the mainland with 20,000 yuan a single time? The answer to this question is junkets. Junkets have acted as a medium for many high rollers to transfer their money out of the mainland. A straightforward way to do this is credit betting. Gamblers usually go for credit betting in Macau and settle the amount in China with these agents. Players also transfer their funds while they are in China and opt for laundering it across to Macau. Transactions with junkets may be risky, where a simple obstacle during the transaction can lead to severe results. To carry out the Macau gambling experience with utmost safety, we highly recommend betting with Macau Slot or Macau Jockey Club for a more reliable and safer betting on various sports. Another advantage of going with these platforms is the variety. You can bet on any popular sport without worrying about the reliability of the entire transaction process.

Popular Betting Sports in Macau

Macau is highly famous for its sports betting. Citizens and guests of Macau get to have that adrenaline-rushing betting programs almost every day. You can practically bet on anything, be it horse racing or poker. These gambling games are mostly handled with utmost precision, with high rollers and newbies trying their luck on numerous games. Let’s look at four of the most popular betting sports available in Macau.

Hound and Horse Betting

Players do not have to rely on old casino bettings but can opt to enjoy a more deluxe and immersive experience of hound and horse betting in Macau. All bettors above the age of 18 can legally participate in the betting program. Players can enjoy hound and horse betting at the Macau Jockey Club, originally named the Macau Trotting Club. The primary racecourse is on Taipa Island. The old and original trotting track is still kept in the same condition to preserve the history of the place. You will see various thoroughbred horses racing on the outer turf tracks that surround the trotting track. Seasoned betters and punters always look forward to several championships throughout the year. The Macau Derby, Macau Gold Cup, and the Chairman’s Challenge Cup are some of the significant events that no gambler wishes to miss. You will find an extensive number of speculators rushing to enjoy these championships from April through the entire summer. Bettors will see approximately 20 on-course betting terminals along with roughly 70-80 off-course terminals spread across Macau. The following are five impressive betting ways to bet during hound or horse race:

On-course betting 

You will find over 20 on-site betting terminals in The Macau Jockey Club. Bettors can bet on their favorite animal with Macau Patacas or Hong Kong dollars. All bets are always accepted at the starting of the race. Gamblers can place their wager by either telling the cashier at the counter or simply filling out a ticket. Many bettors who wish to experience the live match enjoy the convenience of on-course betting because of its hassle-free and smooth operation.

Off-course betting

You can very easily find around 70-80 off-course betting terminals spread across Macau. Because of the popularity, there are 14 betting terminals situated in Taipa and Macau’s famous districts. These betting terminals are an excellent way to participate and enjoy betting without the stress and difficulties of on-course betting.

Internet betting 

Internet betting is a relatively newer option that started in 2003. The betting process may look complicated, but bettors can quickly make bets within seconds with a solid internet connection. Internet betting is highly secure and gives you the freedom to operate and enjoy the game anywhere. The Macau Jockey Club’s website has detailed instructions on placing the bets and other common FAQs.

Telephone betting

Telephone betting is one of the most sought-after bettings amongst the other options. Gamblers can choose and finalize their bet by using their telephone service terminals. Many players prefer this straightforward betting method and usually possess a ‘Telebet’ account for such stakes. According to the result, the game’s winnings are usually automatically transferred into the bettor’s account within a short time.

Fast access terminals 

Fast access terminals, popularly known as personal betting terminals, offer betting services and other valuable functions like bet history and odds calculation, which can be extremely important for bettors. Just like phone and online betting, the winnings automatically get transferred to the bank accounts.


Football is one of the most loved gambling sports in Asia. Gamblers can see the popularity of this sport in every Macau betting center. Macau Slot always offers betting odds on all matches from Champions League to English Premier League. Residents and international gamblers always enjoy betting on the top teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, and Chelsea to win their wildest bets.


Gamblers also find basketball very intuitive when it comes to betting. Residents and outsiders equally enjoy FIBA Basketball World Cup and NBA championships through their extensive betting patterns.


This comes as no surprise, but Macau is considered the home to the most prominent and hefty poker cash games on the planet. These poker bettings can take place on various card games with varying levels of difficulty. Macau also hosts various tournaments that all newbies and professionals are welcome to attend. Gamblers can enter these tournaments consisting of varying entry fees and prize pools. These games are usually very fast-paced, so betting big money on the game can be a risk if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the game. 

Best Casinos in Macau

Gamblers now have the choice of selecting between 41 casinos for their gambling and betting adventures. These 41 casinos are not located on the same stretch but spread across Macau Peninsula and Taipa Island. Seventeen casinos are located on the famous Taipa Island, while the remaining 24 casinos are in Macau. We have put together a list that mentions the best and most noteworthy casinos in Macau for your next trip.

●      Grandview Casino: 51 table games

●      Altira Macau: 550 slots, 220 table games

●      Jai Alai Casino: 208 slots, 61 table games, 4 VIP rooms

●      Casa Real Casino: 123 slots, 53 table games

●      The Legend Club: 108 slots, 12 table games, 1 VIP room

●      Golden Dragon Casino: 137 slot machines, 123 gaming machines, 85 table games, 15 VIP rooms

●      MGM Macau: 1035 slots, 345 table games

●      Wynn Macau: 375 slots, 212 table games

●      Grand Lapa Macau: 59 slot machines and 11 table games

●      Kam Pek Casino: 71 slot machines, 24 table games, 4 VIP rooms

●      Greek Mythology Casino: 228 tables, 100 slot machines

●      The Venetian Macao: 3,400 slots, 800 table games

●      Kingsway Hotel Casino: 20 slot machines and 8 table games

●      Casino Marina at Taipa: 37 slot machines, 20 table games, 4 VIP rooms

●      MJC Casino, Taipa: 19 tables, 2 VIP rooms

●      Crown Casino, Taipa: 500 slots, 220 table games (80 VIP tables)

●      Ponte 16: 20 gaming rooms, 150 table games, 5 VIP halls

●      City of Dreams: 1500 slots, 550 gaming tables

Macau or Vegas, which place is a gambler’s paradise?

Macau is comparatively smaller than Las Vegas. Therefore, Macau has a lesser space to accommodate colossal casino complexes. Despite the size, the gaming revenue is three times more than that of Las Vegas! Macau undoubtedly generates many billions more than Sin City itself. Roughly two-thirds of Macau’s visitors come from China, and the visitation of many Chinese billionaires has made Macau the most profitable gambling heaven. Macau is now famously known as the gambling capital of the world. Some gamblers enjoy Macau’s dynamic and fast-paced gambling culture, while many traditionalists wish to stick with Las Vegas. We highly recommend visiting both to experience the difference in its actuality.

Macau Gambling FAQs

Are sports betting legal in Macau?

Yes, sports betting is completely legal in Macau. Betting has been legal for many decades. Bettors can enjoy horse race bettings at the Macau Jockey Club and taste other kinds of sports betting at the Macau Slots. These sites are the most famous and legal ones that offer an unmatched experience to all the bettors. Permanent residents, as well as travelers, can enjoy the legal betting culture in Macau!

Is Macau open for gambling?

Six companies, namely Galaxy Entertainment, SJM Melco, Wynn Macau, MGM China, and Sands castle, can now run casinos in Macau. Each group has purchased concessions auctioned by the government that permitted them to open the gaming rooms. These six concessions, however, expire in June 2022. Gamblers can now visit their favorite gambling casinos as Macau is officially open for gambling. Players, however, have to maintain social distancing and follow various rules to stay safe. The U.S vaccinated citizens should provide a negative test within three days of traveling or documentation mentioning the recovery in the past ninety days. You can keep yourself updated on various Macau-related topics here. 

Is online gambling legal in Macau?

Technically yes, online gambling is legal in Macau. There are no regulations and laws in Macau that regulate various forms of remote gambling, including online gambling. However, it is mentioned in the law that interactive and online gaming concessions are detached from the operation of brick-and-mortar casino concessions.


This Las Vegas of Asia is truly one of the busiest gambling hubs for betting in the world. Macau usually focuses on Asian clients, but even gamblers from other continents have started enjoying Macau’s culture and rich experience in recent years. We hope this comprehensive guide helped you in understanding the gambling and casino lifestyle of Macau. Do not forget to gamble responsibly!

Author: Austin Robinson