Inferno Slot Review

Inferno Slot Review 2022 – Casino Rankings

Since the beginning of casino establishments, slot machines have had a unique user base. For some reason, the sheer randomness of slot machines has attracted more people than many other casino games. For many people, pulling the lever on the machine and seeing the symbols flow freely has been a thing of addiction. It does not come as a surprise that online slot games have also gathered attention from casino players from across the globe. However, finding the best online slot game is a tricky job. 

So, when many of our readers asked us to check out a comparatively new online slot game — Phoenix Inferno Slots —, we were more than delighted to oblige. As a part of our detailed review, we have explored every critical aspect of Phoenix Inferno Slots, one of the most popular online slot games you can find today. First and foremost, we understand that not everyone has the same level of experience with slot games. Keeping this in mind, we will give a rather detailed introduction to Phoenix Inferno Slots and online slots in general.

Inferno Slot Review

About Phoenix Inferno Slots

Phoenix Inferno Slots is one of the most popular online slot games you can find on the web today. Within a few months of its launch, the game had grabbed the attention of new and veteran players alike. We should mention that this particular version of Inferno Slots is developed by a casino software company called 1×2 Gaming. You can find other Inferno Slot games from different developers if you know where to look for them.  But, when we consider aspects like popularity and game variety, Phoenix Inferno Slots seems to have the upper hand. We will be talking about the significant aspects of Phoenix Inferno Slots in this review.

For instance, you can find the important specifications and slot outlook of Phoenix Inferno Slots in the same review. Of course, you should know the RTP of any slot game before you start playing it. If you do not have a clear idea about the chances of winning and losing, you may not know how much to invest for each play. Therefore, we have included every possible number that will help you make meaningful decisions. On top of these, our review also talks about the gameplay options, jackpot and bonuses, compatibility concerns, and the noticeable pros and cons of Phoenix Inferno Slots.

Now that you know what to expect from the Phoenix Inferno Slots review, shall we explore the main parts?


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Key Game Features

First, we will look at the key game features of Phoenix Inferno Slots. You should keep these key bits of data in your mind as they will come in handy later.

●      Developer: 1×2 Gaming

●      Launched: 2017

●      Reels: 5

●      Rows: 3

●      Pay Lines: 25

●      Maximum Stake: 250 Coins

●      Minimum Stake: 0.25 Coins

●      RTP: 95%

●      Maximum Win: 7,500x

●      Free Demo: Available

If you have some prior experience with online slots games, you may understand these terms. And these key bits of information will be enough to make a decision regarding the game. But you do not have to worry even if these numbers do not mean anything to you at the first look. We will  explore each of these entries while talking about the gameplay experience from Phoenix Inferno Slots.

To begin with the review, we will look at the game slot overview of Phoenix Inferno Slots. We will be talking about how the slot game has arranged its contents, among other things.

Game Slot Overview

The slot games at Phoenix Inferno Slots ensure a minimum level of variety in terms of gameplay and theme. Almost all the games from the provider are based on the legendary bird, Phoenix. The developer has managed to introduce this theme to an impressive variety of slot games. So, if you are afraid of getting bored due to playing the same game, again and again, it will not occur with Phoenix Inferno Slots. Before we talk about the slot overview, the graphics quality of the game needs appreciation.

The developers have arranged every aspect of the Phoenix Inferno Slots game coherently. It means that you do not have to worry about overwhelming graphics or out-of-the-box elements at any point during the slot gameplay. Instead, when you are engaged in the gameplay, the graphics of Phoenix Inferno Slots provide an impressive ambiance that you cannot find elsewhere. If you look at the screenshots of the game, you can understand that even the minute details are inspired by the myth of the Phoenix.

Let’s talk about the gameplay experience from Phoenix Inferno Slots.

There are five columns and three rows on the grid. Because Phoenix Inferno Slots follows an all-way pay system, the grid can create up to 243 ways to play the game. Unfortunately, we are also looking at medium to high volatility, which can impact the Return the Player numbers disappointingly. As it happens, the RTP from the Phoenix Inferno Slot games is less than 95%, which is considered the industry standard. It means you are likely to lose more money to the casino compared to the other slots games. However, it does not mean you cannot win the game at all.

The hit rate of Phoenix Inferno Slots seems quite decent compared to other online slot games you may have seen. According to regular players of the game, it seems to provide a good ratio of winnings every day. So, in the end, people do not think twice before betting anywhere between $0.25 to $50 on a single spin. Another aspect we have to talk about in the slot overview of Phoenix Inferno Slots will be the number of free spins you can get. It happens to be one of the best ways to increase the frequency and size of all your winnings from the game.

The maximum win you can have from Phoenix Inferno Slots will be 7,500x the stake. Of course, you need to make use of the Free Spins feature to make this possible. If you do not, it will restrict your potential wins to a lower number. When it comes to symbol collection, the slot game ensures variety as much as possible.

We are talking about 11 regular symbols that appear on the slot machine interface. According to their value, these symbols belong to two categories: low and high. In the low category, you can find symbols between A-9 royals and beyond. In addition, you can find elements like volcanoes, chimeras, dragons, hellhounds, and sorceresses in the game. As you can expect from the theme, the Phoenix card acts as the Wild Card in Phoenix Inferno Slots. You can use this card to substitute any card, thus increasing your chances of winning.

As far as winning is concerned, you must have a minimum of 3 instances of the same symbol being present on the reel. These must start from the left reel, of course. In case we didn’t tell you, the Enchantress is the top-paying symbol in the game. If you have access to this symbol, you can have double the winning amount from the game. There are differences in the amounts you can win based on which category of symbols you get. 

For instance, if you get low-paying symbols, your maximum stake is between 2x and 4x. On the other hand, if you get a symbol from the premium category, you can boost the maximum stake to 5x to 10x. A proper understanding of these symbols is essential when understanding Phoenix Inferno Slots. You may end up losing money otherwise. You should also know which symbols are valued the most to ensure the best results from the gameplay.

As you can see from the game slot review, Phoenix Inferno Slots seems to be impressive overall. Of course, it will have to deal with a couple of issues like RTP and the hit rate, but the slot games are promising from an overview.

Key Features

Now that you know how the Phoenix Inferno Slots game works, shall we check the key features of the game? These features can be a reason why you want to choose this game instead of other slot games. You should keep in mind that we have listed only the unique features in this section. The number would be so high if you wanted to list all the features from the online slot game.

The Wild Card

You must understand that the Phoenix symbol can be more beneficial than you think. As we said in a previous section, you can use the wild card to substitute any other symbols that you have not got so far. This means that even if you are missing one of the essential cards, getting the Phoenix symbol can be a refreshing change. However, you should also know that the wild symbol stays different from the Scatter symbol that we will talk about next. Regardless of where you have it, you have to consider the wild Phoenix symbol seriously.

The Scatter Card

If you think the wild card, Phoenix, is not good enough, you should check out the Scatter symbol. Unlike the first one, the Scatter symbol can be used for a couple of needs. First and foremost, you can use the card to multiply the reward by 1x and 5x when it has landed on the 2nd or 4th reel. On the other hand, this card can often give you a free game, where you do not have to stake money. However, you will be able to win actual prizes if you land three of these Scatter symbols on a single spin.

A Detailed Theme

We have to appreciate the design and developer teams for implementing one of the best designs for Phoenix Inferno Slots. It creates the perfect blend of attracting the user but not distracting them at the same time. If you love the world of myths, especially that of Phoenix, you will love what the Phoenix Inferno Slots has to offer regularly. At the same time, the overall GUI of the game does not feel off. Instead, you will be able to navigate with ease.

Increased Stability

Compared to the other online slot games we have played, Phoenix Inferno Slots is more stable than ever. It does not encounter any kind of bugs, which is a solace. It means you can enjoy the best experience regardless of the device you are using. We are sure that we cannot say the same thing about other slot game providers on the internet. This aspect of the game stays valid even when you are using its promotional offers, which are in the form of wild cards and free spins.

The key features of Phoenix Inferno Slots are dedicated to providing a smooth slot gameplay experience to everyone. Regardless of whether you have played slot games, you can get started with Phoenix Inferno Slots and grab some wins. First, of course, you have to make sure that you understand the different types of wild cards and symbols that appear in the game. You cannot expect the best results if you fail to get the right idea about these aspects.

In short, if you ask us, we will say that Phoenix Inferno Slots is more feature-rich than you think.

Pros of Phoenix Inferno Slots

●      The game offers a resounding theme and graphics quality

●      You can have a maximum win of up to 7500x the stake

●      You can avail a number of Free Spins and Wild Stacks

●      Medium to high volatility and a decent hit rate

●      High-quality Graphics UI and navigation options

Cons of Phoenix Inferno Slots

●      The game has an RTP of 95%, which is on the lower side

●      Phoenix Inferno Slots does not offer any bonus options

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How to Play?

If you are wondering how to play Phoenix Inferno Slots, you do not have to worry. You can use a number of methods to ensure the highest-quality gameplay experience.

You can play Phoenix Inferno Slots using your web browser on a desktop or mobile device. It means you do not have to install any piece of software on your devices. It comes in handy if you like to get a seamless gaming experience on the go. Even though Phoenix Inferno Slots is more stable than ever, you must have an uninterrupted internet connection to get started. While the speed does not matter in the latter part of the game, your connection must have good latency.

On the other hand, if you like to have a dedicated slot gaming experience, you can download the dedicated slot gaming app from the casino provider. Because Phoenix Inferno Slots is a popular title, many casinos will offer the game. The exact gaming experience will vary based on the casino that you have chosen. Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose a reliable casino platform to play Phoenix Inferno Slots. It may take some time, but the overall experience will be better.

Jackpot and Bonuses

Unlike other slot games, Phoenix Inferno Slots does not follow a traditional bonus system. So, if you need to find some instant bonus options, you may be disappointed a bit. On the other hand, you can rely on Free Spins and Scatter cards if you want to multiply the reward. As we said earlier, the Scatter card could be used to gain anywhere between 1x and 5x rewards when appropriately used. Of course, Free Spins are the best way to earn more rewards without staking.

Depending on your play, you can have one or many Free Spins. You do not have to pay anything extra for all these spins even though they help you increase rewards. You can also check out the options for retriggers, which shall grant you better royal options. Retrigger will ensure that the lowest-valued royal symbol on the grid is removed from the game. However, you should not expect to see any Wild cards in this area. Instead, you may win better if you already have a potential combination ready.

Regardless of all these, the lack of bonuses can be a problem. On the bright side, you can win up to 7500x of the money you have staked in a potential game.

Mobile Options

As you can guess, Phoenix Inferno Slots is available on mobile devices as well. You do not even have to get the dedicated app if you want to play the game quickly. On both Android and iOS, you can use Chrome/Safari to open the Phoenix Inferno Slots game. Then, you can enjoy the best-in-class gameplay without any lag.

The Bottom Line

Even though it stays close, the Phoenix Inferno Slots game is not perfect. The developers can explore room for improvement from different aspects.If you are looking for immersed slot gaming and customizable options, you should check out Phoenix Inferno Slots. Even though you have to deal with an RTP of 95%, the casino slots game offers decent chances of winning.

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Author: Austin Robinson