GoldFish Slots Game Review 2022

 Slot games are possibly the most fun to play and attract people of all ages. After all, have you ever heard someone say that they don’t want to play at a slot machine in the casino? A slot machine is a straightforward gaming machine where we need to enter coins and pull down a handle. Once done, the screen shows a combination of characters or numbers that rotate and stop only after a point. The resultant mixture decides the payout. The winnings are lastly released from an opening cavity at the bottom left. 

Key Game Features

The GoldFish Slot game was designed by WMS gaming, a Chicago-based developer, in the year 2011. Since then, this Gold Fish game has become one of the most played and loved slot machine games. With their exciting features, the Gold Fish slot games bag the title of the most beautiful and lucrative at the same time. Let us go through the five elements of the game


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In this category, the player can choose one out of five bubbles. The best part is that the choice will give you free spins. The resultant multiple can be worth anything between 2x to 10x. As a result, players will get free spins. These can range between five to twenty. 

Blue Fish

The Super Scatter feature offers the user one, two, or three spins. One can expect a winning combination irrespective of the symbols that appear at the spinning time. In case the free spins do not appear on the reels, you will receive a 10x multiplier. 

Green Fish

This game will ask you to choose one bubble and put off all the rest of the bubbles that appear in the tank. You have to do it carefully because soon after selecting the bubble, the slot machine will reveal your prize. Most of the beads have awards, but there is one in them that surpasses everything else. This bubble offers 500x on your line bet. Isn’t that amazing!

Red Fish

The game imitates a real-life aquarium. There are several accessories present in the tank into which the fish leaps. These include castles and other such structures. The player’s main objective is to select and bet on one of the accessories that the fish will choose. If the fish does choose that, the player will receive a cash prize. In case the fish likes it and kisses it, the player gets a bonus. 

Purple Fish

The purple fish makes a rather dramatic entry into the tank and blows air bubbles. These air bubbles contain numbers. The player doesn’t have to choose in this one. On the contrary, the numbers rearrange themselves and appear in front of the player. The random three-digit number formed will decide how much your line bet will be multiplied by. Although there isn’t much one can do as a player, the game can still be enjoyable. 


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Game Slot overview

The GoldFish slot game is a Vegas casino game that has an oceanic setting. The goldfish in the game is the most important; you may even call it a trump card. WMS, the creator of the game, launched it back in 2011, and since then, there have been several upgrades. The game is widely prevalent amongst players who focus on slot games. The graphics are colorful and alluring. It is, therefore, appealing to players of every type.  

The visuals resemble fish habitat, while the background music is a soothing drum beat. Players will find different kinds of fish in the Gold Fish slot casino game, starting from clownfish to purple tropical fish. Players will also find coral reefs, crabs, and turtles, which add to the feel of the aquatic game. The designed game truly serves its purpose of attracting and keeping the players engaged.

The best thing about this exciting slot game is that you won’t need to spend any money to get started. When you register and start playing the game, you will receive a ton of coins. Additionally, you can also collect coins regularly while playing the game. The paid version of the game is quite exciting and can help one earn a substantial amount. Throughout the game, there are several bonuses and jackpots. Players get ample opportunities to increase the amount of the bet. 

The GoldFish slots casino game is available as an online game that one can play on a personal computer or desktop. It has also been launched as a mobile application and is compatible with all sorts of phones. Players can play this game at any time and anywhere. The setting and the audio-visual elements indeed contribute a lot to the gaming experience. Moreover, the game is designed in the typical classic Vegas-style slot machines, which help in creating an authentic feeling. 

Pros / Cons

GoldFish slot games are entertaining. The game is one of the most liked and played slot games in Vegas and other casino hubs of the world. Its lucrative reward system, colorful design, and straightforward gameplay makes it in demand. Like any other game, even Gold Fish slot games also have several pros and cons. Let us delve deeper to understand them – 


First comes the pros. This slot game allows you to have a Vegas slot machine experience from the comfort of your home. It has several advantages. Here are some – 

Creative graphics 

The game is not only lucrative in terms of the revenue you can collect but is also exceptionally creatively built. The screen uses bright hues and adorable characters. Everything from the fishes to the setting is highly appealing and keeps one engaged. 

No bugs 

The game is designed in a flawless manner. There are no troubles with the system. It runs smoothly without any interference from any bug. Zero bugs are sporadic in online games because most of the time, the system starts collapsing within a few months of use and new updates. 

Welcome bonus 

The GoldFish slot game is easily accessible to be played by everyone. Newbie players can enter the game by using their welcome bonus. This bonus helps one to start playing the game. As they proceed further, they continue to earn more. But the bonus at the beginning allows them to get started.

Variety and diversity 

The GoldFish slot games provide a player with ample options. Not only are there different kinds of slots but also various themes. The varied variety ensures that a player never gets bored and can play something utterly new according to their mood and desire. 

Brand title 

The best thing about this slot game is that all the original and famous slot providers provide many brand titles. This phenomenon increases the authenticity of the action as well as raises the revenue structure as well. 

Compatible with other platforms 

If you are a gamer who plays on social media platforms such as Facebook, we have good news for you. The GoldFish slot games allow you to share the stream online on Facebook. The game can help one earn money through streaming while expanding your social circle. You will get to know more people, other fans, and connect with them for a wholesome experience. 


Although the Gold Fish slot games seem perfect, a few other factors can act as cons. They are – 

Restricted to slots 

The GoldFish slot games do not provide any other casino games options. Its limitation might feel a bit restrictive, especially if you are looking for an immersive casino experience. 

Low Social Media presence 

Although you can stream the game on social media platforms such as Facebook, the sad part is that the visibility is relatively low. There are not a lot of players who stream their games online, which is why it is difficult to find a substantial group or your tribe. 

Now that you know about the good things and the lags in the game, it will be easier to decide how you want to play it. 


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How To Play 

To play the game, you have to have access to an online casino. One can do it through a computer as well as a mobile phone. There is no need for you to visit a casino in person to play the game. This Gold Fish slot casino game is simple and easy to play. Below is a step-by-step guide into how to start playing this game. Remember, this is the primary way of playing. We will discuss more ways to play at an advanced level later on in the article. The four main steps are – 

Step 1: Spin 

Just like any other slot game, you will require to spin a slot in the mermaid’s cove. There are many different parts of the games and various windows, so you can choose where you want to turn.

Step 2: Earn 

Once you spin a slot, you are bound to gain something. When you start the game, you will notice many more rewards, such as pearls. Once you get into the game, it becomes a bit complicated to navigate through. 

Step 3: Play 

The next step is to play the game. The game is not limited to the slots. Once you accumulate pearls, you have to use them for hunting the treasures. Using these pearls is the main rule of the game. These hunts are rather exciting and can lead you to natural treasures and give you a push towards making it big. 

Step 4: Win

Once you find the treasures, you are rewarded with certain things. These rewards can range from more slots and coins to other bonuses, which will help gain a substantial winning hand. 

These are the primary steps that you have to follow while playing this slot game. When you first log in to your choice of online gaming casino, you might find it hard to navigate. However, it is essential to understand how you can play the game. You can do it in two ways. The first one is for free. To access the free version, you have to choose the demo mode. No extra costs are incurred if you do so, and you can play the game for free. Our advice will be to use the demo version for some time to get used to the ways of the game and get some practice. Once you feel confident and informed enough, you can always go for the version which involves real money gambling. 

GoldFish Slots

Jackpot and Bonuses

The GoldFish slot game is full of surprises which make the player’s experience ten fold better. When a player first creates an account and starts playing the game, they are given a total sum of 3.5 million coins. The welcome bonus is just for your headstart. Isn’t it amazing?  This is not it. There are many ways one can earn these important coins for absolutely nothing. The biggest loot includes connecting to Facebook, which gives you a one-time gain of five million coins. On the other hand, you can collect 2.5 million coins every two hours. On top of that, each day, players will receive five million coins. 

As you progressively proceed through the game, you will realize several bonuses and gifts scattered through the steps. These bonuses amount to such a substantial amount that you probably won’t even need to spend real money at all. 

Although there are several jackpots and prizes, the biggest among all, the main aim for most players is winning five goldfish. In case you can land five of these small fishes, there is a chance that your bet amount would be multiplied ten thousand times. This way, you can earn up to $1050. 

Fish food symbols are also crucial when it comes to winning jackpots. Five goldfishes are the largest jackpot, and the second one is acquiring five fish food symbols. These symbols can pay back around 25000 times a player’s bet amount. If you cannot get hold of these, you can always use similar symbols in a row. 

GoldFish Slots casino offers one of the best reward systems available in the world of casino games. One can place the maximum jackpot of $105000 on a higher stage than most other casino games. The vast rewards are a lucrative feature that has helped the game to gain popularity. 

Best Places To Play The Game

This slot game is also available on all major casino hosting platforms; you can sign up and play the game from any renowned online casino. Players can play the Gold Fish slots casino game from anywhere and at any time. You will either need a personal computer or a mobile phone for playing the game. If you do use a computer, make sure your bandwidth internet connection is free-flowing and supportive. If you play through the mobile application, charge your phone to the optimum level as online games can drain battery life. However, it is advisable that if someone wants to play and make something out of the match, they have to opt for a comfortable setup. Selecting a comfortable place means that they can either be at home or with a proper gaming setup.

Mobile Options

GoldFish slot machines have been in business for many years. All Vegas casinos have these slot machine games as they are incredibly famous and catchy. However, until a few years ago, people couldn’t enjoy this lively game until they took a trip to Vegas. 

Soon after, the developers launched the computer game, and at that point, most of the Gold Fish slots casino players started playing the game online. Recently, a mobile app has also appeared in the market, and it seems that it has reached people all over the world. With the portable option, you can now play the game on your mobile phone without traveling or trotting to Vegas. Players can now play without an elaborate setup of a desktop or a gaming Personal Computer. 

To start playing this casual game, you need to download and install it from the play store or app store. The mobile application is perfectly compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Therefore, there is no need to worry. If you already have an account with them, you can resume from whenever you have left it. 


The GoldFish slot casino game is truly one of a kind. The game is simple yet extremely rewarding. If you are looking for some practice in online slot gaming, this might be the answer for you. The demo version of the Gold Fish slots casino game is free, and you can use it to get your practice done. On the other hand, if you are well-acquainted with slot games, you can start gambling with real money. GoldFish slot casino is one of the best online casino games available in recent times and meets all the essential requirements. 

Author: Austin Robinson