Golden Goddess Slot

Golden Goddess Slot Review 2022

An intelligent gambler always has a strategic game plan before entering the casino. Sometimes, the strategy requires you to play a few rounds of the slot to get the anxiety out of your system. Additionally, playing can guarantee sizable winnings. This low strategy slot game requires no complicated game plan. If the Golden Goddess has caught your attention, let’s go through its detailed review to understand the game and its stakes in detail. 

Golden Goddess Slot

Game Slot Overview

The Golden Goddess is an excellent old-school slot game for any casual or serious player looking for a decent play for their investment. This game is equally interesting online as it is in any land-based casino. The objective is relatively simple and does not involve intense strategizing to win. The screen always showcases ten symbols through Ace that are highly decorated to catch the attention. The hero, goddess, pegasus, and dove tiles are rendered 3D to help them stand-out . If you are expecting a high-quality modern game interface with good animation, you would be highly disappointed. It’s certainly not one of those visually sophisticated games as far as the visuals are concerned. The rose bloom in the game denotes a bonus, while the Golden Goddess logo acts as a wild symbol. The game’s volatility is extremely low, so players tend to enjoy a few rounds of Golden Goddess now and then without losing much.


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The reels of this game are made up of the lowest value A to 10 royals. These values share the screen with a dove, pegasus, the prince, and the Golden Goddess herself. The game usually pays 1.25 x your total stake if you end up landing five on a pay line. You can land five wilds across your pay line to win an award of 25 x your total stake. If one wishes to play all 40 lines, they will need to bet a minimum of $40 to start the game. And if you want to earn the substantial max win of $20,000, consider risking $20.00 per pay line or a total of $800. The slot works on a simple equation; you win more by betting and gambling more. So attempt to bet big to earn bigger winnings. We highly recommend this game to newbies who are trying their hand at casino games.

 Key Game Features

●      Provider: IGT

●      Type: Video Slot

●      Reels: 5

●      Theme: Ancient Greece

●      Free Spins/Multiplier: 7/1x

●      Paylines: 40

●      Bonus Features: Yes (1)

●      RTP %: 96%

●      Max. wager: $800.00

●      Max. payout: $20,000

 Pros and Cons

The following are some of the honest pros and cons of the Golden Goddess that we found upon exploring the game in detail.


Pay lines

Matching these winning combinations across a pay line lets you earn huge profits. One cannot see these pay lines while spinning, but once you hit the mix, the machine will draw a line to show the targeted pay line that made you win the prize. The Golden Goddess has 40 massive pay lines, so your chances of winning increase.

Multiple wins on one turn

Players do not have to wait for several turns to win one favor. The machine is designed to churn out multiple wins in one turn. Gamblers can end up winning a lot more, even from a single spin or round.

Lucrative graphics

The 3D symbols and glittery graphics might not excite gamblers, but it is a perfect screen to keep the players hooked. The soundtrack and other noises amp up the experience to a certain height.


Gamblers always have the window of opportunity to earn a whopping $20,000. However, to win this huge jackpot, you need to spend approximately $800. If you are ready to take a big jump, the game may bless you with a pot.


The Golden Goddess pays the players well during the first 15-20 spins, but the machine can go for another 20 spins without earning a single dime. However, the low risks make this game enjoyable for quite some time as it doesn’t take all the money at a single time.

Free spins 

This slot machine tends to give free spins after stumbling across the scattered rose. Such free spins can pay off big if the correct tiles line up. Even if it doesn’t line up, getting free spins won’t hurt anyone.


The Golden Goddess has an autoplay feature that allows the player to enjoy it without continuously spinning the reels. When you select this option, the machine auto turns on your behalf,  eliminating the monotonous task of clicking or pressing the button. The feature is handy if you want to play quick, continuously, long rounds of the game. 


High pay line

The high pay line might go unnoticed with the glittering bonuses and grand jackpot, but most players who play the game should keep this in mind. The increased minimum is $1.00 per pay line.

Free spins

The game does offer free spins after stumbling across the scattered roses, but the chances of it happening is pretty low. Players usually get seven free spins after playing many rounds. These spins, however, can get used before they know it.

Bonus round

This game highly lacks bonus rounds. The bonus rounds would have made this game extra intuitive and exciting for players to play and win.


Just like all casino games, even the Golden Goddess is entirely unpredictable. Many players have a safe assurance of winning because of their high skills and strategies, which unfortunately do not work for slot machines. The winnings are genuinely in the hands of the machine’s random sequence generator. 


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How to Play 

The Golden Goddess is a fascinating slot game that has given players premium experience for many decades. The old timely graphics are spread across five reels and 40 pay lines to keep the entire game loud and bright. Follow the below-mentioned steps to play this slot game appropriately.

Step 1: Betting

This slot game is relatively easy to play, and betting is your first task on the agenda. Players need to choose their bets using the – and + button option in the ‘line bet’ section. This Golden Goddess game gives you the choices to bet $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00, $10.00, or finally $20.00 per pay line. Unlike other slot machines, a player doesn’t have the freedom to choose the number of pay lines. You are bound to bet on all 40 lines at all times.

For example, If you place a minimum bet of $40.00 per spin, you will automatically risk a minimum of $2,000 to play 50 continuous spins. Similarly, if you decide to wager the maximum, which is $20.00 per pay line, you will be betting on $800.00 per turn. Thus, to get ten spins when making such huge bets, you must have a bankroll of $8,000. Luckily, the Golden Goddess jackpot on this bet would be worth $20,000.

Step 2: Checking the paytable

Before spinning away, you must check the game’s paytable to understand the profits of each game. The paytable on this slot explains each separate payout while displaying the pattern for each winning combination. A player should remember and familiarize themselves with the mix. Also, make a mental note that the odds of winning do not vary based on the slot machines’ time, day, bet size, and previous outcomes.

Step 3: Spin

Once you feel confident and satisfied with your total stake in the ‘total bet’ section, proceed further to press the ‘spin’ button. The spin button of the game will set the reels in action, and you can see their movement live on the screen. If, however, you dislike the idea of pressing the spinning button continuously, opt for the ‘auto spin’ option for uninterrupted spinning for a selected number of spins.

Step 4: Pay attention to jackpots and bonus

Keep track of your instant jackpots and bonuses that flash on the screen. The roses will give you seven free spins, so pay attention when you’re using your paid and free spins.

Step 5: Collect the prize. 

After spinning the wheel for many rounds, you can stop the game and proceed to collect your winnings. 

Jackpot and Bonuses

Super Stacks

Super Stacks is a top bonus feature that most players love. Before each spin, all reels are filled with entirely randomly chosen Super Stack of symbols. This symbol can be anything except the rose. Players can land multiple rotations of the same Stacked Symbols to receive some exceptional rewards.

Wild Stacks 

The famous Golden Goddess online slot logo acts as a wild symbol during the game and can replace any regular character. Five continuous wild symbols on a pay line usually pay 1000x the line bet of the player. The logo also appears stacked to turn any average and mediocre wins into big epic ones.

Free Spins 

This slot game lacks bonus games but makeup by giving out several free spins to each player. If the player lands three roses anywhere on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel, they will instantly trigger the free spins round. You are bound to receive seven free spins. Once you receive the spins, start playing by selecting any symbol from a bunch of signs. These symbols will either reveal a dove, prince, Athena, or a pegasus. You need to pay attention to the selected character for massive prize money. 

RTP and Volatility in Golden Goddess Slots

The Return to player percentage, commonly called the RTP, is the average win percentage taken from thousands of reels’ spins. This slot machine game has an RTP that tends to vary ever so slightly depending on the pay lines and bet amount. The Golden Goddess offers a relatively low 93.50% to a fairy average of 96% RTP according to IGT. This game’s RTP is above most of the IGT games. Only a few titles from this developer exceed this percentage.

The volatility of a slot machine is popularly known as the variance, which is essential for the players to know before playing the game. High-rollers who enjoy betting big on a high variance slot have significant risks but big payouts. On the other hand, a weak low variance slot doesn’t give out big payouts, but the frequency of the payouts keeps the players intuned. The Golden Goddess has comparatively low volatility than other casino games. The bigs won’t be huge, but the players may get a decent return after every spin. 


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Tips While Playing The Golden Goddess

Play the Volatility

Most players feel that low volatility slots are bland and less attractive, but they can be pretty profitable when played with a strategy. Frequent wins mean the gambler’s funds are more adequately stable than any high variance game. Thus, by betting low and waiting for Free Spins or Super Stacks to land the reels, the player can win a hefty sum.

Consider the Game’s Bet Amount

Since the game has a wide range of betting amounts starting from $1.00 to $20.00, players playing in all budget ranges can enjoy this slot. As it’s a low variance slot game, it’s sensible to bet a particular amount to get the long-term play.

Try Double Up

If you are looking to win a heavy prize, try doubling up your bets while things are going well in the game. The most suitable time to double up in the Golden Goddess is after a big win during the free spins feature. 

Before Playing Golden Goddess

If you feel that you are entirely ready to try your luck on a Golden Goddess slot machine, consider reading these few tips to be completely prepared.

●      Make it a point to check the casino’s reviews written by other fellow players. Avoid the places that have too many negative reviews. Do not forget to review their legibility by checking their licenses before signing up.

●      Once you are sure of the casino’s security, consider creating your account and following their verification steps.

●      Most casinos offer exclusive welcome bonuses to new players. You should pay attention to these bonuses and snag them to redeem during your games without fail.

●      To redeem the bonus, you will be asked to make a minimum deposit per the casino’s minimum requirement. 

●      Always manage your bankroll and keep a fixed budget before playing Golden Goddess. The game can leave you high and dry if you get on a splurge cycle of higher bets.

Best Places to Play

All casinos have the Golden Goddess because of the game’s reputation. We highly recommend new players test the Golden Goddess game online before initiating the actual game with money. You can play these free demo test games at various online casino platforms. These free games will help you understand the bonuses and gameplay, further strengthening your gameplay with real money. To play for real money, check all online casinos with IGT slots on their floor. Most licensed and popular online casinos should have this game as one of their most-used slots. If, however, you wish to enjoy the feel of a real slot machine, we recommend visiting your nearest casino for a live experience.


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Mobile Options

This Golden Goddess slot machine is a perfect game to play on your cellular devices and tabs. This game is cleanly adapted for Android and iOS devices. Players can play this exhilarating and engaging game on their tablets or smartphones via downloading it. The mobile version is relatively easy and quick for players who wish to play speedy rounds during their free time.

Golden Goddess FAQ

What is the Golden Goddess slot’s max win?

The maximum or highest win per spin is 1,000 x your total stake. You can achieve the highest winning by filling all the reels with the Golden Goddess logo at the same time. Getting all logo reels is an infrequent occurrence but can help you make the max win in the game.

Is it easy to win the Golden Goddess game?

One should note that this game has very low volatility, which means the game offers lower wins, but the winnings are pretty frequent. You are more likely to win a smaller sum of money rather than a colossal bonus. Victories are never guaranteed, but you may have a high chance of winning a decent amount.

Where can I get free coins for the Golden Goddess game?

If you wish to play this game with free coins, you need to earn bonus money or several free spins via the casino bonuses. Utilizing the casino’s introduction bonuses will help you play the game for free while still having a decent chance to earn real money.


We hope our Golden Goddess slot review helped you understand the game, its rules, RTP, volatility, and much more in detail. This game is equally compatible with your cellular devices along with your desktop PC and laptop. Lastly, players who are confident with their spins should highly consider doubling down on betting the highest to earn the most precious jackpot of $20,000.  

Author: Austin Robinson