Dancing Drums Slot Review 2022

People are always looking for variety when they explore online slot games. Because developers understand this trend, they ensure that addictive and unique themes power their games. Therefore, you will not have trouble finding an online slot game that suits your theme-based preferences on a given day. And if you were looking for a Chinese-themed slot game with the most colorful elements and other systems, you would have come across Dancing Drums Slot. 

It happens to be one of the most popular online slot games in the online casino world right now, offering one of the more unique gameplay experiences you can afford. But how do you know if Dancing Drums Slot is up to the mark? How do you determine whether the game is rich enough to fulfill your needs? Well, a detailed review of the slot game should be able to help you here. And that is precisely what we have done on our part. In this guide, we have prepared a comprehensive review of Dancing Drums Slot games. You can use this review to understand whether you should sign up for this popular slot game.


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Of course, we have prepared this Dancing Drums Slot review in a particular manner. We wanted to do more than cover all the crucial aspects of the game, including the design, bonuses, potential strategies, etc. This review contains an overview of how the gameplay feels like in real life. It will be a more descriptive review that details how even the minute elements contribute to the gaming experience. If you have already played slot games, you can find all the necessary details in the package as well. For instance, our sections will discuss technical aspects like RTP and the total number of pay lines.

Now that you know what our Dancing Drums Slot review is about, shall we jump into the main content?

 About Dancing Drums Slot Game

Dancing Drums Slot is one of the most popular online slot games you can try today. It should be noted that many developers are involved in making a game with the same name. In this article, we talk about the game developed by SG Digital, a trusted developer. Compared to the other games in the category, the Dancing Drums Slot game from SG Digital is known for its increased stability and enhanced game ethics. 

It means you can have a confident slots gaming experience with Dancing Drums Slot from the developer. We should also keep in mind that the number of pay lines and the RTP may vary based on the slot game developer. You may also know that the Dancing Drums online slot is available to play for free. You do not have to pay anything upfront to engage in the gameplay. But if you are planning to make a fortune out of the game, you must be ready to make a considerable deposit during the first periods of the game.

You should also understand bonuses and free spins before you start playing Dancing Drums Slot online. Otherwise, you may not have the right number of resources to ensure your wins. But do not worry; we will talk more about these aspects while listing the key features of the Dancing Drums Slot. It seems we have explained almost all the basics you should know about the Dancing Drums Slot game. Let’s move on and explore the critical features of the online slots game. 


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Key Game Features

Shall we look at the top features that make a difference while playing the Dancing Drums Slot game? Some of these features deal with the gameplay, while others deal with bonuses and free spins. We believe the theme and other aesthetic aspects of the Dancing Drums Slot game deserve special attention.

Exploring the Chinese Culture

The central theme of Dancing Drums Slot is based on China’s rich culture. You can find several references in the game. First, you can find the repeated mention of the number 8, taken as a token of luck in Chinese culture. Second, instead of creating a match with random numbers, the system has to balance the logic and the theme. This lets you have an improved gaming experience in the long run. It does not mean Dancing Drums Slot does not have any room for improvement, though. In fact, the developer can work on a few factors, such as increasing the payouts from the slot game. While we keep that aside, however, the celebration of Chinese culture is fully-fledged when playing the Dancing Drums Slot game. If you love the designs from the Chinese culture, you would love what the game content offers.

Red and Gold Rule the Game

Red and Golden are two colors that you would find the most in Chinese culture. The Dancing Drums Slot has also brought the same dynamics into the game. In case you are not familiar with the system, gold is often considered one of the most beautiful colors in China. On the other hand, the red color refers to luck. By combining these colors, SG Digital has made an inclusive theme that can add value to the gaming spirit. At the same time, the game has not become difficult by any means. Instead, you have to make sure that the symbols on the reels do match, starting from the leftmost option. The amazing part is that you do not need a lot of time to master how the Dancing Drums Slot game works.

Multiple Ways to Boost Wealth

A slot game would not be great if it did not offer multiple ways to boost your wealth. It is almost as though you cannot rely on randomness to match the balance between the money you invest in the game and the amount you want to get back. Dancing Drums Slot does not cause any disappointment in this aspect. You can use a number of methods to boost the winnings you can get from the game. You will have the best results with the help of the wild and scatter symbols in most cases. The framed Chinese symbol will also come in handy when you are engaged in serious gameplay amidst slots. We will talk more about these aspects in the dedicated section. For the time being, we have to keep in mind that Dancing Drums Slot can be pretty profitable when played correctly.

As you can see, the key game features on the Dancing Drums Slot are impressive.  You do not have to worry about the overall quality of gameplay when you start with such a game. 

Game Slot Overview

Before starting the gameplay experience, you should have a clear overview of the slots game. It will help you analyze your chances of winning and losing when you are playing Dancing Drums Slot. Do not worry, though. We have covered all the information that you will need to know in the following section.

●      Minimum Stake to Play: 88 coins

●      Maximum Stake to Play: 88 coins

●      Number of Reels: 5

●      Number of Rows: 3

●      Ways to Win: 243

●      Wild Symbol: Chinese script

●      RTP: 96%

●      Maximum Win: $250,000

●      Minimum Bet: $0.80

●      Maximum Bet: $220

●      Quick spin: No

●      Free Spins: Yes

●      Bonus Rounds: Yes

●      Auto-play: Yes

●      Progressive: No

●      Slot Volatility: Low/Medium

●      Slot Theme: Oriental

The Dancing Drums Slot game is quite impressive if we look at it from the common aspects that matter a lot. We will talk about the graphics and in-game bonus features of the title later. Still, the developer seems to have done an excellent job already. Since there are multiple ways to increase the chance of how much and how often you win, you should have a clear understanding of the potential bonuses before you get started.

In the end, as far as you are concerned about the basics of online slot gameplay, the Dancing Drums Slot game would not disappoint you in any way. Instead, you can stay confident about the technicalities of this popular casino title.

 Pros of Dancing Drums Slot

We will look at some of the major reasons you should consider before playing the Dancing Drums Slot game.

●      The Chinese theme of the game is so attractive due to many elements. You can find the presence of Fu Babies and other wild cards in the game. Even if you do not want to spend a lot of time exploring the background and thematic stories, the overall graphics aspect of the Dancing Drums Slot game will attract your attention on any day. This design keeps attracting more gamers to this online slot game, and it also remains one of the biggest reasons you should try the title.

●      The range of stakes you can have in the Dancing Drums Slot game is more expensive than you think. You can place bets between $0.80 and $250. On the other hand, if you have started with online slot games, you can invest a small amount and have the best rates. As you move forward with the game, you can also avail wild cards and free spins. On any day, it is a great way to make some noticeable profits from the game.

●      Stability is yet another reason why you should consider playing Dancing Drums Slot from your favorite casino platform. SG Digital has done an impressive job of designing the game from top to bottom. You can have the best gaming experience regardless of the device that you use. It does not matter whether you have a big-sized iPad or a normal smartphone. It feels nice to log onto the Dancing Drums Slot platform and start the gameplay.

●      We must also appreciate the graphics quality of the Dancing Drums Slot game. The developers have managed to ensure the highest graphics quality while keeping the game simple on the device. So, even when you want to enjoy the best possible graphics, the game will not take a toll on the system. It is also great that you can master the animations quicker than you think. In addition to the winnings being shown on the screen, gold items will be added to the pot. We also noticed that the soundtrack used by the Dancing Drums Slot game does not distract the player in any way.

 Cons of Dancing Drums Slot

The Dancing Drums Slot game is great but it is not perfect. And here are some of the common issues.

●      The lack of progressive options in the Dancing Drums Slot game can be a problem for many players. This issue occurs when you are aiming for better winnings in the game. On the other hand, there is nothing to worry about if you can stay minimal about the winning expectations. Some experts believe that the RTP of the Dancing Drums Slot is also low in comparison to other games. It could be one of the reasons to keep your expectations low. 96% of RTP is not low by any standards, but we cannot say it is generous either. Therefore, you should keep your eyes open before making the next bet.

●      We also think the developer can improve the collection of symbols that you will find in the Dancing Drums Slot game. For example, as of now, the winning probabilities can be a little confusing for some people. To avoid this situation, the symbols could be given additional values. For instance, we would love to see a set of wild cards with more than the ability to substitute any card. Of course, this aspect does not impact the gameplay experience as such. On the other side of the spectrum, it would not hurt the maker to improve this aspect.

If you ask us, the cons of the Dancing Drums Slot game are negligible for most people. They do not seem to affect the overall gameplay experience or the standard returns if you know what you are dealing with. For instance, if you are looking forward to placing a bigger bet, the RTP of 96% will not be a problem for you. In short, you do not have to worry a lot about what the Dancing Drums Slot game has to offer. 


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How to Play

You can choose between a number of ways to play the Dancing Drums Slot game. To get started, you have to visit the official website of the game, which is available on almost all devices. Even if you do not have the dedicated app installed on your device, the gameplay will not be a hassle. On the other hand, you can enjoy the best gaming experience if you have the iOS or Android app. Depending on the casino platform you have chosen, you may be able to find dedicated apps for Windows or macOS. 

We must also add that the web-based gaming UI does not take more than a few seconds to load if you have a decent internet connection. If it does not happen, you can always use the web-based interface. Everything else on the screen is self-explanatory, and you never have to worry about navigation. Even if you have not played any video-based slot game before, you will have an easy time moving through the game options. 

Jackpot and Bonuses

You can rely on wild cards if you want to win more from the Dancing Drums Slot game. You can have these cards in the 243 ways the game could go on. There is also an option to trigger the jackpot if you have the right cards. However, do not think that a higher betting amount is going to give you better results. It does not happen with Dancing Drums Slot.

On the other side, you can explore plenty of free spin options. You can have up to four options, in addition to the mystery pick. In the first four options, you can have up to 243, 1024, 3125, and 7776 ways to win the game, while the mystery option will give you any of the four options in random selection. We must add that the free spins are not easy here. 

Best Places to Play

The Dancing Drums Slot is available on a number of casino platforms out there. SG Developers have done a great job of distributing the same to various platforms. Therefore, you will not have trouble finding places to play Dancing Drums Slot. 

Mobile Options

Dedicated apps are available for the Dancing Drums Slot game on Android and iOS. You can get a more optimized gaming experience on these apps as compared to the web interface. 


We think the Dancing Drums Slot game is quite impressive for most people. You must not ever mistake the game for something perfect, though. Instead, you must be ready to survive the subpar RTP and a few flaws. Keeping the minor drawbacks aside, the Dancing Drums Slot game will not disappoint you regarding gaming quality or the winning options. 

Author: Austin Robinson